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John Phillips

More non-public design projects are available to show upon request. Please shoot me an email at

SisterFriends Detroit

SisterFriends Detroit is a volunteer effort organization to support healthier moms and babies. I was brought in to design a visual identify for their new responsive website, partnering with another developer.

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A Curated Style

A Curated Style is a personal project on teaching men how to dress better. I've designed the responsive website, newsletter, and logo.

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Detroit Tigers VIP iOS Concept

I designed a concept for a Detroit Tigers VIP mobile app for season ticket holders. I thought through and designed an experience of what I would want going to games on a regular basis including food ordering, pre-game information, and quick access to my game ticket.

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Gene Bassett Realty

This was a redesign of the Gene Basset Realty site that showcases real estate listings in the Minneapolis area.

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Older Work

SplinkMedia Audio Player

I was contracted by SplinkMedia to design a custom audio player with a playlist to use on their website.

  • SplinkMedia Audio Player

Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID)

I redesigned developed the site on WordPress.

  • Career Transitions

Career Transitions

Career Transitions is a tool for job searching, resume building, and career exploration. I partnered with user experience specialists to design and developed the interface and logo of the product.

  • Career Transitions

World Scholar: Latin America & Caribbean

World Scholar is a regional studies product that I designed for research students. I was responsible for the main interface design, as well as the logo for the product.

  • World Scholar: Latin America & the Caribbean


TappGala was a personal project showcasing the best in mobile interface design. This type of resource was lacking on the web for other mobile designers/developers, so I created one myself.

  • TappGala

Press Record

Press Record is a personal project of mine, in which I record mixes that weren't preplanned. I just throw on some music and record what I feel at the time. You can read more about it on the welcome post, and on my design blog.

  • Press Record

OnStar Connections

I was the lead developer for the OnStar Connections website, which showcases the features and customer stories of the OnStar service. The website was build on the Wordpress platform, as well as BBPress for the forums.

  • OnStar Connections

Global Initiatives

I designed a new look and feel for the Global Initiatives department of the BROAD College of Business at Michigan State University. The goal was to have a clean site that matched the identity of the main MSU website.

  • Global Initiatives

Business & International Education

This was a design concept that I did for a department at Michigan State University. A different design was chosen for the final design, but this is the work that I did.

  • Business & International Education

USPS Deliver Magazine

I worked on a team of 3 developers to build Deliver Magazine online, which is an informational online magazine for marketing professionals. The site was built on the Wordpress platform.

  • USPS Deliver Magazine Online

U.S. Navy

I worked on a team of developers in building the 508 accessible website for the U.S. Navy.

  • U.S. Navy

Michigan State University

In 2005, I was the lead interface designer for this version of Michigan State University's website.

  • Michigan State University